Friday, January 19, 2007

2nd ride of the year - already Jan 19

The snow finally melted enough for me to hop on the ol' Univega and spin into work. For the most part, the ride was uneventful. I drove the route yesterday looking for ice patches. I only hit a couple this morning, but that was spooky enough. There is a section of trail south of the South Bellevue Park and Ride where the ice has lingered. Luckily I hit it while I was going pretty slow, so I was able to just crunch through it...

My bike partner from last year was in the office yesterday and we were talking about summer rides coming up. I am going to be registering for the Flying Wheels Summer Century again. Last year was pretty disappointing for me and organized rides. I think the problem was starting training too late in the year (May) and pushing mileage high right from the start. I had to travel for work a bit and would go stretches of no riding at all then pull half centuries for a couple days. The old knees just couldn't take that.

This year, my training is starting now. Once the ice clears, I'm committing to at least three rides a week to work - rain or shine and a Saturday AM Mercer Island ride.. Let's see that would be around 55 miles per week - a good starting point for February!

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