Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Glorious days ahead!

OK, so it's been a whole month of Sundays since the last post, but let me assure you, February in Seattle is nothing to write home about as far as cycling goes. I logged a measly 56 miles all month due to bad weather and the fact that I have been on the road. New Orleans for a whole week. I was very tempted to ship a bike down and ride, but I'm glad I didn't as my time was pretty much consumed by working and being sick.... no not like THAT! I got the flu down there. Nothing worse than being sick on the road. Literally.

Back to cycling stuff. Hats off to Michael at Velographics. The decals for my Mercier Bordeaux-Paris arrived a few days ago. It was really a breeze to put them on. While they look awesome, if I had to do it again, I'd place them a little "higher" on the tube. I centered them on the tubes, but since you are usually standing over the bike, it looks like they are underneath it in places. Still, they make the bike look brand new. It is going to be very difficult to part with this girl. It is basically done now so the time is coming to hit Craigslist. I rode her in this morning as it is going to be another great afternoon. Ran perfect. I was a bit rough shifting in spots due to inexperience with this bike, but otherwise flawless. One thing I love about this bike is that it is almost silent when free wheeling. No clicking.

Cascade Bike Club is holding an expo this weekend at Magnuson Park that I will be attending. I'm going to see if I can take in the Mercier to the vintage area and show it. Should be fun regardless.