Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back at it again

Another bicycle season is upon us. I've already started riding again. Over the past few months, I've logged roughly 2 days a week coming in to work. It's been a cold winter here in Seattle-land. I actually slipped while riding slowly on the concrete bridge over the Mercer Slough in Bellevue one morning and went down. Pretty sure it was partly black ice and partly the fact that I had knobby tires on the Surly. Didn't get too hurt, but I was upset the bike got a little more scratched. Character, right?

I did the Chilly Hilly in February. My goal this year is to do all the Cascade Bike Club rides - Chilly Hilly, Summer Century, STP and RSVP. The Chilly Hilly was a fun ride. A bit rainy in the AM early, but it cleared up a bit by mid-ride. I was so far ahead of the game that the snack stops and end of ride party were not even set up. I made one stop over the course of the ride - 10 minutes. Most of the hills were smaller and had a ramp up to them. The biggest hill was just a long 8% grind. There were a lot of walkers and a couple people got sick at the end. All in all, pretty fun. I've never seen so many bikers all in one place - thousands.

Been sick for a bit, but plan to get back in the saddle next week.

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