Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a little disappointed..

The season has not even started yet, and I am already a bit disappointed....

  • It's been cold cold cold and wet wet wet. Sure, I know this makes me a pussy, but I still crave a nice long warm ride day...
  • My Surly has been giving me fits. I finally got the rear brakes to stop squeaking... by toeing them in severely. The rear wheel has a spoke that loosens, not enough to warp the wheel, but... come on! And, the most annoying thing, the chain-ring bolts are loose and cause the front end of the drive train to creak a little... Gotta get this bike under control before putting serious miles on her.
Just got back from a visit to Recycled Cycles in Seattle. Picked up a chainring bolt tool, hopefully this will help me tighten them up. I'll keep an eye on the spoke and toe in the brakes slightly. I still really like this bike, but I expected a little less worry out of the gate.

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