Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays


I'm in the midst of a nice stretch of time off between the Christmas and New Years holidays.  I had a very busy two weeks prior to the holiday at work - traveling and tying up loose ends.  Not much time to blog.  I did get a nice vintage poster, a bicycle chain bottle opener and a bicycle chain picture frame.  I must be pretty hard to shop for...  On the up side, I picked up a new Gibson F-9 mandolin, my real Christmas present.  Sounds great!

I have had some interesting things happen bicycle wise though.  I came across a 1980 ladies Raleigh Sport 3-speed at the Thrift Store and picked it up for $35.  Another great find!!  Literally 2 days later my neighbor from across the street gave me a matching pair, ladies and gents, 1972 AMF Roadmaster Pacemakers.  In lime green none-the-less.  So my garage is FULL of bicycles.  It is COLD out there so I have not done much other than clean them up a bit.

It got me thinking of blogging... I have a lot of bicycles now.  And they all have their stories.  I'm going to create a blog post for each one, update it as I make modifications and upgrades.  This will start up in the next couple days.

Not much riding taking place.  I did get the Surley out last week and rode in one day between the sub-freezing weather we've been having.  It sure felt good to get outside again.  I've been rifing the exercise bike recently- not nearly as much fun, but it keeps my bum knee limbered up.

Happy New Year all...


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