Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(Another) Root Beer Twenty

I read in someone's blog not that long ago "be careful, they are addictive."  I guess its true. 

Yesterday, I went to Recycled Cycles to pick up my olive Twenty from the good people there.  It had a broken axle tab that needed replacement.  It is now running great!  I actually booked out of work about an hour early to enjoy some nice Seattle weather and get my errands done.

As I walked up to the door of the shop, casually scanning the rack of new hybrid/cross/road/mountain monstrosities made of carbon fiber and plastic, there, ever so meek, was a little root beer colored Raleigh Twenty.  I had to blink a couple times to believe it.  I've spent countless hours over the last couple weeks on eBay and Craigslist looking for another one of these to build out as a custom, lighter weight rider.  I was actually considering driving to Vancouver next week to pick up one there for $165 CAD.  And here was one, right in my backyard... for $100.  I snapped it up.  There is one on eBay right now that is over $200 shipped. No brainer...

As I went back into the shop to purchase it, I was talking to one of the other sales people there.  "There has been quite a bit of interest in that bike - three people so far this morning.  It just came in today.  In fact the last guy just went home to cash a check and was coming back for it..."

Too bad for him they don't hold bikes there.  Who knows, only a few minutes later and I'd have missed out on it.

My wife did her best "rolleyes" when I got home... My kids think I've gone crazy too. And in the immortal words of Robert Plant "I don't care what the neighbors say..."

I'll have pictures up soon.



  1. You're joining the ranks... I bought a folding one as a frameset only ($60 posted) and built it up using spare/scrounged parts as a single-speed. Then I bought a complete non-folding version for $75... Now I am searching for another at the right price! They share/swap parts quite often, depending on my needs.

  2. Hee,hee...told you so! :-D


  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I've been on the road for work that last few weeks and have been kind of scarce.

    Check out the new post with pics of my new baby!!


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