Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cascade Bike Expo - Impressions

OK, even my kids had to admit, it was pretty fun.  Here's my Top Ten from the event...

  • Number 10 - Gyros and Fish and Chips for lunch
    • The food court area at the back of the first floor was pretty typical for these events, but the food always tastes better at a show
  • Number 9 - Wooden Bikes and Wooden Fenders
    • It's good to see frame makers and accessory vendors thinking outside the box of carbon fiber
  • Number 8 - Hub and Bespoke Booth
    •  This couple is starting up a shop like the one I'd love to start.  Cycling with a vintage fashion flair.  Read tweed. They are working up their physical presence over in Fremont (of course!).  I will certainly be checking them out
  • Number 7 - Dutch Bike Co. Booth
    • Here is another Seattle shop with a focus on the work-bikes of Holland. 
  • Number 6 - Brooks EVERYWHERE
    • Nothing shows the move to retro more than Brooks.  And there was a LOT in attendance.  From saddles to saddle bags, any show bike that really caught my attention was sporting Brooks leathers.  
  • Number 5 - Diverse crowd
    • Very noticeable was the diversity of the crowd.  Ages ranged from kids to seniors.  There wasn't the predominant "spandex" crowd.  There wasn't the predominant "hipster" crowd.  I felt pretty comfortable with the family there - there were a lot of great people.
  • Number 4 - Rickshaw Bagworks
    • Spotted a really nice booth put on by a small bag shop out of San Francisco.  What caught my eye was the Moleskine Folio they had on display.  A zip pocket organizer perfectly cut to hold a Moleskine notebook (one of my other passions - journaling).  Did not get one there, but I'm regretting it now....
  • Number 3 - Being recognized by one of the Recycled Cycles gang
    • Standing there deciding what to eat and the blond gal from RC spotted me and said "hi."  I guess they all would recognize me, I've been there enough!!
  • Number 2 and 1 - Ryan Leech Show and Artistic Cyclists from Germany
    • Oh, am I glad we stuck around for these guys.  Ryan Leech is a stunt mountain biker with incredible balance from Vancouver.  He hops around on bars and stands.  Amazing - the kids really dug this.  The other group of three cyclists from Germany who did "artistic" cycling, kind of like ice skating, but on bikes, was spectacular.  Another winner for the kids.  I can't decide who is number one or two.  They were both fantastic.

We spent about three hours total there, and it was just right.  The Smith Cove Event Center was a very nice venue with a great view of Seattle's downtown peeking out from behind the haunches of Queen Anne Hill.  Overall very enjoyable.


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