Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cascade Bike Expo - TODAY

I'm packing up the family and heading to the Cascade Bike Club's Bike Expo in Seattle today.  My 13-year old already has figured it will be ultimately boring... "What's a bike expo? Do I have to go?"  Should be FUN.

I'm really looking forward to the Vintage Bike area.  My sis was there yesterday and said there were lot's of good bikes to see.

Too bad the Raleigh Twenty is in the shop...

I think there is something amiss with the SA hub.  I've done my best to align it all and adjust the shift tensioner.  But as you roll the bike forward, the pedals spin, like it doesn't freewheel very well.  I don't know whether this is normal for SA hubs, but I read on some web site somewhere that it was NOT.  So anyway, it is at Recycled Cycles in Seattle having the read hub torn down and re-lubed.  I really wanted to show her off at the Bike Expo.... oh well, maybe next year.


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  1. Yeah, old Sturmey-Archer hubs get like that. Mine makes the pedals turn forward when I'm wheeling it, but it free-wheels pretty good. It may be a case of it needs a good flush out. Every few years you should have the hub stripped, completely cleaned out and packed with lots of lovely new fresh grease. Most hubs will be quite fine with a squirt of motor-oil every couple of weeks - quite a few are still running like that after many happy years of service.


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