Monday, June 28, 2010

Greasy fingernails

I tried my hardest to get my hands back to a presentable fashion for work...  I personally think its a sign of a GREAT weekend when you come in on Monday morning with a little grease under the nails.  A summary of my antics:

Stripped a Vintage Peugeot
I picked up a late 70s/early 80s Peugeot from my parents last weekend.  It was the bright yellow version that you see everywhere and in horrible shape.  I had them buy it sight unseen for $20 a month or so ago.  I was ready to just ship it off to the thrift store when my middle son, who is 13, decided he wanted to start riding a "racing bike" as opposed to his Schwinn mountain bike.  I stripped it down to a bare frame, sanded and re-painted it silver.  Painted out the lug seams in red.  I have a set of decals coming - not the original ones, but they say Peugeot on them.  The rear Simplex derailleur is low end, but it works.  I still need to find a set of brake levers with cable stops in them.  I'm about 60% of the way done with this bike. 

Raleigh Twenty Detailing
I can't believe that I'd never detailed out the rims and spokes on the brown Raleigh Twenty.  Spent some time with the Wenol polishing up the rims.  A little steel wool and grease on the spokes and they look good as new. I also re-connected the wire in the head tube that keeps the stem/handlebar from coming all the way out.  I liked having the extra inch or so of height but I was having some visions of the thing coming off in my hands when I hit a bump at higher speeds... not pleasant.  I already have a couple crowns on my front teeth from a bicycle incident when I was in high school.

Sterling Mountain Bike Overhaul
A friend and neighbor brought over a couple mountain bikes that he had leftover when a couple med students moved out of an apartment he owns.  Just wanted to get "my take" on what to do with them.  The Sterling has Shimano Exage components and a decent frame, the other bike was crap with no-name pot metal components.  My vote was to keep the Sterling and fix it up for his granddaughter (it is kind of a pink/purple color).  It needs new tires.  The other one should go to the thrift shop.  Would I do the fixing on the Sterling?  For a bottle of nice wine? Heck Yeah!!  So I guess that makes me a "professional bicycle mechanic" now...  Who'd a guessed it.

Admired the Raleigh Tourist
The whole weekend, she just sat there looking drop-dead gorgeous... I removed the fenders prepping for her new set of Schwalbe Delta Cruisers (that are three days behind schedule from UPS - thank you very little).  Nice looking bike, for sure...



  1. Looks like a productive weekend to me!

    I just got home from Iowa and unloaded the DL-1 and the Twenty. Get spend the next few days working on bikes and other projects around the home place, might even get in a ride or two ;-)


  2. Hey Aaron, I bet it feels good to be home. I travel quite a bit for work, and the first thing I do when I get back (after a few hugs and kisses) is head to the shop and take in a big breath of bike smells - rubber and degreaser. It's very soothing!


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