Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Third Twenty

I've got to stop looking around on craigslist! I just keep finding more bikes.

I recently came across a Raleigh Twenty here around Seattle that was different from all the others I'd seen recently. First off, it is blue. I'd heard these were uncommon and it must be true because I've only seen one before in my looking around on the web.

But this is a really rough example. The finish is in pretty bad shape with numerous scratches and even a couple spots of what we called "cancer" in my youthful high school days. Rust that had worked it's way under the finish in spots, that was cancer. Even a few of the chrome bits are rusted over- the main hinge handle, the top rim of the headset, and the inside of the fenders.

The most unique thing about it is the single speed coaster brake hub in the back. It's not Sturmey Archer. It is a Suntour Coaster brake hub.

Sooooo.... This may finally be the bike that I convert to a daily rider with new hubs and rims, lighter seat post and the like. The condition doesn't warrant trying to restore it to showroom. I will probably "borrow" some parts and put them on the other nicer bikes.

So here are the pics...

Here she it. A coal miners daughter of a Twenty. Doesn't look too bad from a distance.

Notice no front or rear brake blocks. Not a multiple speed bike so no shift cable either.

Ouch! This is indicative of the overall status of the bike.

Weird. No SA hub. Single speed Suntour coaster brake. Really gummed up and running stiff. No way to date her without the SA hub. But the older bars and decals make it from the earlier period of production.

Here is the whole herd!

No one likes to witness surgery. Within 30 minutes, I had her completely apart down to the bottom bracket. She lays in parts in my shop.

I'm going to need a lot of help and advise guys! Any ideas? What should I do with her? I'd love to have a Twenty as a daily rider, even a bike to dis-assemble and pack on a plane. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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