Monday, July 19, 2010

New Orleans sightings

I have been a bit lax on updating the blog recently. I was in New Orleans last week on business and was really impressed with the number of bicycles I saw. It makes sense- the delta lands are flat and cycling would be a joy, if it weren't for the absolutely oppressive heat.

The bikes I saw were much like the city itself- a mix of parts, and a little dirty and provocative at the same time.

Here's a jaunty young buck, an older Schwinn, ready for a night out on Bourbon Street. He's got his bars done right to catch the attention of passing loop frames that might happen by...

This young stallion is rocking a set of the ever-present emerald green party beads that have become synonymous with this city. Loving the old school brass bell...

This little Brompton folder just made me a little homesick and wished I had my beloved Twenty with me. I must find a way to transport it by plane.

This is a pretty typical scene. This older couple has seen better days. She looks on from the safety of her wrought iron balcony at a gent who went a little too far last night. She's only a little worse for the wear, missing her saddle. He's now passed out in the street and thieves have picked him apart. The dangers of over-indulgence...

I love this city, but you must be careful. My only regrets from this trip were not having my bike with me and not making it out to Wallingford Bike shop.


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