Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The office dweller

Rode in to work today on a foggy Seattle morning.  This was the maiden voyage of Blue Belle, my "new" Raleigh Twenty.  Here you can see her staring out the windows of my office waiting patiently to cruise the pavement this afternoon.  It should be a nice ride home!

She performed admirably, if not a little shaky after her re-build.  There are a few rattles and dings that some rubber washers should take care of.  I'm going to stop by True Value this afternoon and pick some up.


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  1. Thanks for the happy memories!My mother, who was a school teacher, had one of these bikes and she rode it to school every day.It was a green Twenty but I don't think it was the folding model. Sadly, once helmets became compulsory, it was consigned to the garage and eventually sold.Wish I had kept it.



  2. Ian, Thanks for the comments! Despite living through the 70s, I became introduced to the Twenty only recently. They really are fun little bikes to work on and ride. I have recently found a few for less than $100 US and have started putting together a small "fleet" of them. Not sure where I'm going with this, but my wife and I have thought of moving to the Oregon Coast someday and I was thinking they'd be nice to rent out to folks who needed some wheels for the day.

    Keep your eyes open and one may come your way!

    Good luck-


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