Saturday, December 11, 2010

Biking Christmas

OK, it's been way too long since I posted to this blog. I need to change that. The last month has been absolutely insane at work. The company I founded so many years back has been undergoing some major transitions and I've been all wrapped up in it. Suffice it to say, I couldn't ride in at all. I've been missing it greatly.

But that has not stopped me from thinking about bikes! And buying some goodies. Here is what is in Santa's bag for this holiday...

Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

I really like this bag. It will be the second one I have. I find them rather difficult to move from saddle to saddle with the rubber fittings I put through the seat loops to keep them from cutting into the leather. I want to get away from the rack trunks that I have used in the past.  It is on order from the motherland (UK) and I'm hoping it arrives before Christmas. It was sent out a couple weeks ago and should be arriving soon.

OYB Pannier

I spotted this pannier on Lovely Bicycle blog. I loved the vintage look of it and hope to match it with the Barley on a rack. If it looks nice and works, I'm going to try and get another to have a matching set.  They look pretty small.  It is here, in my bedroom upstairs but I have to wait till Christmas to open it. Bah Humbug! ;-)

Brooks Glenbrook Saddle Bag

This is a bag that I think I finally just reconciled the fact that I have REALLY wanted a bag like this one for a long time. I just couldn't bring myself to put down the money.  I just ordered it for myself... Sometimes the best presents are like that. It was so easy to put the order into eBay, minimal shipping cost and no tax from Nevada... Here is hoping the delivery elves are able to get it here in time...

I have a number of other things to write about, so despite NOT being able to ride all that much in the rain, I will have a few posts coming up



  1. Nothing like buying presents for yourself ;-)

    I have a couple of odds and ends on order from Carradice. I want to try the Kendall Panniers on my Raleigh Superbe. I also need to get a smaller saddle bag for my Twenty.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  2. Its killing me to wait! While I sit here and post this, my new bags are sitting under the tree not 10 feet away from me.

    I'm very excited to see the OYB Pannier and how it works on the R-20's. It's small (at least the package it came in was) so should be proportional to the small framed bike. If it works out, I'll get another one. I'd really love to see a rack trunk in the same material that the OYB and Caradicce Barley come in. Green cotton duck and leather ROCKS.

    The Glenbrook is going on my DL-1. What a stunning bike that one is. Have you seen the Three Speed Tour / ABCEtour website parts page? That's what gave me the hankering for the Glenbrook. Mine isn't vintage, but I can't wait to see it on the Tourist

    As they say in the UK, "Have a Happy Christmas!"


  3. I have been to the ABCE...twice! Great group. I have some of the bits and bobs off of that page. I have installed the steel pulley wheels and cable stops on almost all of my 3 speeds.

    I have a Millbrook that I got used for cheap that I plan on using on my DL-1, eventually I will get a Glenbrook. I am trying to hunt down and OEM chaincase for my DL-1, but so far no joy.


  4. I've been sorely tempted by the brass knurled valve stem caps. ;-)

    I've been looking atthe Lake Pepin ride now since August. We have an office back in Madison, WI so I could even wrap it into a work trip and write off a bit of the travel. Have you done the Lake Pepin one??

    My only concern (besides getting the wife to participate) is getting the Tourist back there. It's quite a drive from Seattle, but might be worth the adventure. Do you ever fly your bikes?

  5. I use stainless steel valve caps that look just like those. I buy them in bulk at the local equipment supplier, we use them on tractors and trucks.

    I have never been on the Lake Pepin ride. It falls during our busiest time of the year at work and getting that much time off would be difficult.

    I have not flown with any of my bikes, and not sure I would want to.

    The first year I did the ABCE was 2006, we flew out and I borrowed a bike. The second time was in 2009 and I was fortunate enough to be working in Iowa City, IA which is only about a 6 hour drive away. I also had a Twenty with me that year and rode that.



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