Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Twenties

Here are a few pictures of my Twenties, all nestled snug and warm in the garage for the winter. These are the three that I have built out as close to original as I could get them.

They actually snuggle together quite nice and take surprisingly little room when stacked together like this.

They all are dressed up for the holidays, wearing their headlights and air pumps. The blue and green ones sport white plastic pumps, the brown one has a polished aluminum one, quite fetching actually. Bluebell has a silver stainless bell, the other two have brass bells. I've replaced the grips on Brown and Green with shellacked cork grips from Rivendell Bike

Hiding behind me during the shoot is my stripped down R-20 in metallic black. I'll pull out some photos of him later.

These bikes represent a lot of work over the last year, and a lot of fun. They are great little bikes to tinker with and have kept me out of trouble during the afternoons and evenings. I have parts on some of these that have been sourced from all over the world.

Not really sure where I'm going with all these... I really only ride the brown one and the wife rides the green one- grudgingly. I've thought it might be fun to build up a fleet of these for a small beach rental bike business that I think would be fun to have someday. We'll see. That's a future that seems a long ways off...



  1. Where did you find 3 matching headlamps? I have seen those pop up on ebay. I also recall seeing a couple at the ABCE in Minneapolis a few years back.

    BTW they all look good!


  2. Hey Aaron, thanks for stopping by! I've been keeping up with you at the raleightwenty site. Seems to be a lot of action over there.

    My first Twenty (the green one) came with the square Elite headlight. I wrote up a whole post on how I re-habbed it and got it working again. The other two came from eBay... Just waiting and waiting to see the right ones come along.

    These bucks have been labors-of-love for sure. Thanks for seeing the beauty in them


  3. These bikes look cool indeed. I also love that head lamps. You really have a great skill in choosing the best colors for your bikes. electric motor repairs


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