Sunday, February 13, 2011

Waking up from winter...

It's been a crazy winter and I have not had much time to write these past few weeks. The company I founded many long years ago has been acquired by another larger entity; the holidays take their toll on time; i passed a "significant" birthday and entered into a new decade of my life..

Yes, December and January have been a ride... but now, it's time to get back into what really matters- BIKES.

Despite all the other stuff going on, there have been a few bike related things going on. The main one is that I started riding in to work again. All last week, the SURLY and I made the trek in to the office and back. It was nice and sunny most of last week, but I know better. This week, it is supposed to rain. No problems though and I will be out there in the midst of it.

So here is to a new year of blogging about bikes...


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