Friday, March 18, 2011

Boxes in the garage...

... can only mean one thing!!!

After the required greetings at the door, hugs kisses and general catching up, I was allowed out to my shop.  Two large boxes were sitting there.

I opened the first to find two new 28" wheels laced to the hubs I had collected over the last few bikes I'd upgraded.  They looked ok at first glance, but they were not packed all that well for bicycle wheels.  I got the rim tape, tubes and tires on them and mounted them up...

The chain had been lubing up in a tray the whole week after a good de-greasing and wire brushing.  It looks new!  The 3-Speed Coaster Brake hub is gorgeous and seems to work fine.  It will need some adjusting for sure, but seems to shift pretty well.

The only disappointments I have are these:
First... The wheels are not true!  Either they got banged around a bit or the spokes stretched during shipment... I have some work to do on them. 
Second... they shop forgot to send the brake shoes.. so I don't have those.

I get the chance to practice some patience...

Here is the glamor shot, with her wheels on and a vintage brooks B-66.  Still a ways to go, but its coming together.

~ charles


  1. No, not crazy at all... This bike looks awesome! Gets me inspired to get back to working on the DL-1L I have scattered about. I just have to order some decals and have my frame blasted and painted. You've got a great Raleigh collection... the only thing keeping me from getting carried away is that I live in a 2 br apartment with no storage space, and I can only fit 12 bikes in the living room.

    Current collection: 74 Supercourse, 75 Supercourse Mixte, 76 Tourist, 78 Tourist, 74 Tourist Ladies, 69 Sports Lady, 74 Sports Lady, 78 Sports Lady, 71 Twenty, 72 Twenty (this one I keep in my trunk)

  2. Thank you for a very informative site. What else may I get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I’m just now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

  3. I have not seen this kind of scene up to now. It is very strange to read about boxes in garage.

  4. What is glamor shot? The bicycle is so cute. Thanks for this wonderful blog. Nice idea boxes in garage.

  5. Hi Garden Sheds! Thanks for the comments. Maybe it's just me, but I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite and there is one scene in it where the gal with the "puffy sleeves" does a photo shoot of Uncle Rico and is posing him for a "glamor shot." Kind of your typical pose for displaying a sunsual look to the public. I grew up in southern Idaho, so this movie strikes a chord of reality to me...

    This loop frame DL-1 has been a lot of fun. My wife loves getting "looks" and this bike sure does the trick!



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