Friday, March 11, 2011

Ladies Tourist- parts on the way

OK... I expected a good turn around from Wallingford Bike in NOLA. All I needed to do was enter in what I wanted online and the parts shipped. Last time I looked, they were in east Texas somewhere on an 18-wheeler crossing the country. A Brooks Team Pro in black with the chrome rails and a pair of 28" Delta Cruisers in creme and some tubes to fit.

The Team Professional will be the saddle that I put on the Faggin road bicycle that I have set up for nice weather. I recently took this bike out on a round the island ride with my neighbor. Suffered with the stock saddle on it. I have two Broooks B-17 on my touring bikes, but this bike is racier and I wanted more of a road race saddle. The Swift and B-15 looked a little too racy.

The thing I'm really surprised about was the call I received about two hours ago... from Yellow Jersey. "Your wheels are built and ready to ship along with the other bits you requested..." I was frankly in shock. I shipped the hubs to them on Monday. I actually didn't expect the package to even reach them by today... And the wheels are DONE!! "We went through the hub, which was dried up, relubed it and adjusted the gears, should be good to go." I have to admit, I like this kind of service. Next time I'm in Mad-town, I'm swinging by the place for a visit -just out of respect.

So, next week, I'm traveling all week on business. The parts will probably show up during the week. I know the stuff from WalBike will be here on the 16th. The wheels may take a couple days longer. But... By end of the week next, I should have all the parts I need to restore the Ladies Tourist. I can't wait!



  1. Now you are making me feel guilty...need to get my Tourist off the wall and get to work on it...


  2. Spring is coming my friend!! I've got this vision of my lovely bride and me doing some leisurely rides in the country hills north of Seattle while the tulips are blooming! The the vision becomes more realistic... we are trailed by our three teen-aged and pre-teen sons complaining the whole way! Very motivating!!

    I'd love to see your project bikes too.. ;-)


  3. Spring has sprung here in NC! Working in the yard getting the black berry and blue berry beds prepped. Two weeks behind on the garden already.

    Then time for that ride amongst the Dogwoods and Azaleas in bloom. Old enough not to have progeny in tow. LOL

    Project updates forthcoming...including a special find that I am driving to retrieve tomorrow. ;-)


  4. Ooooh.... I can't wait to see your new surprise!

    By the way, my work trip next week will be to NC, Charlotte to be specific. I just looked at the weather and it looks very nice.

  5. Shoot me an email at my handle at

    I live about 2.5 hours from CLT, but my bride is based there.

    I cover a territory that currently stretches from DC, south to the FL border and east of the Mississippi. Other areas covered by demand.


  6. I missed those days when I tour around the suburbs in my bike. It is the best way to reflect as well as take a break from the city life.


    alaskan cruises

  7. Thanks for the comment Jane. You touch on something important about cycling - the chance to re-connect with yourself. I find that cycling allows me to experience a broader scope of life (than walking, say... it's just too slow) and to be close enough to it that I can stop and really take in the experience.


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