Friday, October 14, 2016

1965 Moulton Speedsix - UPDATE

This bike is no longer with me.  I sold it recently to a fellow Moultoneer who appreciates it much more than I was.  He has been collecting and repairing vintage Moutons for years and had many of the special parts that make this bike a one-of-a-kind original specimen of a Huffy-imported Moulton Speedsix.  It is in great hands and I feel like I've been a part of the history of this special bike.

Before I sent it away, very well packaged for a long journey across the country, I shot some photos of it as it left...


Here is a picture of the Speedsix after the updates done by the new owner:

Note the following: brake levers, headtube badge, bell, rear carrier, single chainwheel, Moulton branded saddle, new derailleur... probably more.  This bike is now as it rolled off the line.  Nice work!  It's easy to tell that it is in great hands.

I feel a little sad, but very excited that this bike is where it is now.  It has found the right place.  I'm just happy to have played a minor role in it finding its way there.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Autumnal Twenty

I couldn't help it...  This is an incredibly rare orange Raleigh Twenty that I came across a couple years back.  It is completely stock, practically New-Old Stock.  The tires and tubes are original Raleigh whitewalls, the pump is alloy and works, even the mattress saddle (Brooks) is in near perfect condition.  Just thought it looked nice with pumpkins and fall flowers...

This bike is one of a mated pair.  The other one is white.  They came from a gentleman in Seattle, WA, USA.  These were his parents bikes.  They were purchased in 1974 in Seattle and used only for the proverbial "Sunday Ride."  His parents traveled to Vancouver, BC a few times and the bikes served them well spinning around Stanley Park.  They were put into storage about a year later, dry, warm basement, completely covered in sheets.  They sat there until 2014.

My seller had the unenviable job of going through his parents things after they had passed.  These bikes were among the things he needed to move on.  He was very reticent about selling them, but I was able to convince him that they would be going to a very good home.  I have preserved these bikes as-is and have not changed a single thing on them.  My wife and I continue the tradition of riding them in the summer around Alki Beach here in Seattle.  After the ride, they are lubed, cleaned and put away for the winter in dry, warm storage.  They are special ones, and I hope I honor them well.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

1966 Robin Hood

So here is my latest bike... a 1966 Robin Hood, 23" Frame.  Robin Hood was one of the brands created by Raleigh back in the day.  This bike is essentially identical to a Raleigh Sport, but with a different decal set.  They may have used a few lesser quality components, although the only thing I can tell that is different was the "prop stand" and frankly, I just take those off anyway...

So a question might be "why?"  I already have a mated pair of Raleigh Sports in pristine condition, completely done up.  Why this old beater?  Well, I have been thinking lately about the fact that most of my bikes are either impractical to ride (Raleigh RSW) or too nice to ride (aforementioned Raleigh Sport)  I was honestly looking for a vintage Raleigh Sport in 23" frame size that I could just add to and make it an everyday ride around bike.  This one fit the bill.  Also, I had a nice set of rebuilt wheels (original refurbished Sturmey Archer hubs laced to Sun CR-18 rims with modern stainless spokes) with new tires and tubes waiting for this frame.  Add on the Brooks B-66 and alloy seatpost, Carradice Barley bag and a few odds and ends from the parts bin and, voila, here she is!

Most of the decals are pretty rough (see below) but the head badge is BRILLIANT!  I love this head badge.  Of all the Raleigh brands, this one takes it.

My plan is to slowly acquire and replace some of the wonky parts.  The right crank seems a bit bent, so the pedal twists a little under foot.  The plastic roller wheel can be replaced with metal.  Brakes are a little rusty.  Mostly cosmetic stuff, so I'm not in a real hurry.

Fun ride!  Now if I only had the space for it around the house...  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bikes 4 Sale

It's time to clear the shed...  I hate to go this direction, but I'm just running out of room.  If anyone is interested, please contact me direct at cwestergard -at - gmail - dot - com.

All the bikes are in really nice condition with the normal signs of age.  Rust is minimal if at all and these bikes have been stored in a dry indoor storage area for the last 5 years.  Saddles are period but not necessarily Brooks.  These bikes function in all gears as they should.  They really are in nice shape.  Prices are pretty firm.

Raleigh Shopper - Mauve/Purple
This is a very original non-folding Shopper from England.  Original steel rimmed 451 20" wheels.  Rear rack with bungee/basket and front rack..  Twist shift three speed.  Prop stand is not original, but functional. Aluminum pump non functional, but looks good! Stormy Archer AW 3-Speed, date not readable.  $150  SOLD

Phillips Twenty - Gold
Very original Raleigh-built Phillips-branded bike.  Thumb-shifting 3-speed works well.  White bullet hand grips.  406 wheels with newer tires. New Chain. No Pump.  SA-AW 3-speed dated 7-69  $120 SOLD

Raleigh Twenty - Blue
Very nice three speed coaster brake; includes aluminum pump.  Aluminum ping bell.  New Schwalbe Marathon 406 tires.  Salmon brake pads on front. SA-TCW-III Rear hub dated 2-73  $150 SOLD

Raleigh Twenty - Red

This bike is pretty original but sports alloy 406 rims, new brake pads and aluminum pump.  Forks and chain guard are re-painted, the rest of the frame is original paint.  SA-AW 3-Speed hub dated 4-72  $150 SOLD