Friday, April 22, 2016

Bikes 4 Sale

It's time to clear the shed...  I hate to go this direction, but I'm just running out of room.  If anyone is interested, please contact me direct at cwestergard -at - gmail - dot - com.

All the bikes are in really nice condition with the normal signs of age.  Rust is minimal if at all and these bikes have been stored in a dry indoor storage area for the last 5 years.  Saddles are period but not necessarily Brooks.  These bikes function in all gears as they should.  They really are in nice shape.  Prices are pretty firm.

Raleigh Shopper - Mauve/Purple
This is a very original non-folding Shopper from England.  Original steel rimmed 451 20" wheels.  Rear rack with bungee/basket and front rack..  Twist shift three speed.  Prop stand is not original, but functional. Aluminum pump non functional, but looks good! Stormy Archer AW 3-Speed, date not readable.  $150  SOLD

Phillips Twenty - Gold
Very original Raleigh-built Phillips-branded bike.  Thumb-shifting 3-speed works well.  White bullet hand grips.  406 wheels with newer tires. New Chain. No Pump.  SA-AW 3-speed dated 7-69  $120 SOLD

Raleigh Twenty - Blue
Very nice three speed coaster brake; includes aluminum pump.  Aluminum ping bell.  New Schwalbe Marathon 406 tires.  Salmon brake pads on front. SA-TCW-III Rear hub dated 2-73  $150 SOLD

Raleigh Twenty - Red

This bike is pretty original but sports alloy 406 rims, new brake pads and aluminum pump.  Forks and chain guard are re-painted, the rest of the frame is original paint.  SA-AW 3-Speed hub dated 4-72  $150 SOLD


  1. Hi,

    Very nice blog...I love your Raleighs and the detail you have written.

    I just finished restoring my 1972 DL1 and am in the middle of restoring a ladies Sports (his "wife").

    I am looking for a Raleigh Sports 23" bicycle with decent paint and if you run across one, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Hi Charleton,
    Thanks for the nice comments! I had a DL-1, actually both a mens and a ladies loop frame. They are great bikes. Yours looks fantastic!

    Here is a really funny coincidence.. I just bought a 1966 Robin Hood 23" Sport yesterday!! Robin Hood is one of the brand names Raleigh used, so it is essentially a Raleigh Sport 23". Not in the nicest of condition, but perfect for what I want to do with it, which is make it an everyday rider. I have a lot of bikes that are either too impractical for daily riding, or too nice. I'll be posting up on it soon.

    Are you located in the Pacific Northwest? I will keep my eyes open for another 23" Sport. You can reach me direct at cwestergard (a) gmail.c0m



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