Sunday, June 26, 2016

1966 Robin Hood

So here is my latest bike... a 1966 Robin Hood, 23" Frame.  Robin Hood was one of the brands created by Raleigh back in the day.  This bike is essentially identical to a Raleigh Sport, but with a different decal set.  They may have used a few lesser quality components, although the only thing I can tell that is different was the "prop stand" and frankly, I just take those off anyway...

So a question might be "why?"  I already have a mated pair of Raleigh Sports in pristine condition, completely done up.  Why this old beater?  Well, I have been thinking lately about the fact that most of my bikes are either impractical to ride (Raleigh RSW) or too nice to ride (aforementioned Raleigh Sport)  I was honestly looking for a vintage Raleigh Sport in 23" frame size that I could just add to and make it an everyday ride around bike.  This one fit the bill.  Also, I had a nice set of rebuilt wheels (original refurbished Sturmey Archer hubs laced to Sun CR-18 rims with modern stainless spokes) with new tires and tubes waiting for this frame.  Add on the Brooks B-66 and alloy seatpost, Carradice Barley bag and a few odds and ends from the parts bin and, voila, here she is!

Most of the decals are pretty rough (see below) but the head badge is BRILLIANT!  I love this head badge.  Of all the Raleigh brands, this one takes it.

My plan is to slowly acquire and replace some of the wonky parts.  The right crank seems a bit bent, so the pedal twists a little under foot.  The plastic roller wheel can be replaced with metal.  Brakes are a little rusty.  Mostly cosmetic stuff, so I'm not in a real hurry.

Fun ride!  Now if I only had the space for it around the house...