Friday, October 14, 2016

1965 Moulton Speedsix - UPDATE

This bike is no longer with me.  I sold it recently to a fellow Moultoneer who appreciates it much more than I was.  He has been collecting and repairing vintage Moutons for years and had many of the special parts that make this bike a one-of-a-kind original specimen of a Huffy-imported Moulton Speedsix.  It is in great hands and I feel like I've been a part of the history of this special bike.

Before I sent it away, very well packaged for a long journey across the country, I shot some photos of it as it left...


Here is a picture of the Speedsix after the updates done by the new owner:

Note the following: brake levers, headtube badge, bell, rear carrier, single chainwheel, Moulton branded saddle, new derailleur... probably more.  This bike is now as it rolled off the line.  Nice work!  It's easy to tell that it is in great hands.

I feel a little sad, but very excited that this bike is where it is now.  It has found the right place.  I'm just happy to have played a minor role in it finding its way there.