Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 I have been a little remiss in keeping this blog current.  Four years remiss.  Many years ago, when I started it, the "dot-com" domain for veloscene was not available.  Just the other day, I found that it now was, bought it, and now this blog resides under the new home of  I will eventually let the .net one expire...

I will be posting soon on a whole new crop of bikes (and a few of the old ones) so stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back to the land of the living, so to speak. I gave up on Blogger a while back and moved to WordPress. However that blog has languished, I do remember to post every now and again. No bike acquisitions or riding in the past couple of years. I almost bought a Brompton in Jan 2020 while in NOLA.

    Maybe '21 will get me back on the bikes.


  2. Trying to help you on your old blue Mercier if you still have it. I have the picture that they used for the guy on the headtube. I also bought mine in Austin in 84 at Freewheeling. ANy information you have on this bike i would like to know. my email is


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